All Testimonials are Unscripted, Unplanned, and Unpaid.
We simply called some of our customers, and asked if they'd be
willing to tell how they use Vitabot in their clubs.

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Welcome to the Vitabot Learning Center for health club owners. Time 1:03 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Member Results
Vitabot's nutrition-based approach creates truly remarkable results for members. Time 2:18 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Club Marketing
Your potential members are very interested in eating better. Time 1:40 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Should You Get Vitabot?
We asked club owners that use our service to give you their opinion. Time 1:58 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Setup and Training
Hear club owners talk about how incredibly simple it really is. Time 3:45 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Point of Sale
Exercise + Nutrition sells far better than just exercise alone. Time 2:39 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Member Retention
The core of your business... we can really help. Time 3:36 (min:sec)
Vitabot and Your Health Club
How Vitabot works to easily fill the nutrition void in your club. Time 2:22 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Personal Training
Training with proper nutrition is far more rewarding... for the client and the trainer. Time 3:49 (min:sec)
Why Should You Care - Part 1
Can diet and meal planning help sell your club? You'd better believe it can! Time 3:07 (min:sec)
Testimonials: Unique Technology
Simple, powerful, and extremely unique... So much so, that it's patent-pending. Time 7:25 (min:sec)
Testimonials: A Range of Clients
A simple powerful solution with a range of applications. Time 2:40 (min:sec)
Why Should You Care - Part 2
Are consumers actually spending money on diet and meal planning? Time 1:32 (min:sec)

Patent Pending for Interactive Report Card / Food Suggestion System
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