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Our Clients
Meal Planning Solutions for Health Clubs, Corporations, Government Agencies, and Entrepreneurs

About Our Service:
Many companies want to offer a world-class meal planning system.  We fill this need by allowing companies to "private label" our powerful user friendly system, and provide it to their members, employees, or clients.

Who We Serve:
Our clients range from major motion picture studios and aerospace corporations to small health clubs and online entrepreneurs.  We currently provide services to companies throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

A Range of Clientele
  • Corporations
    Corporate wellness programs reduce insurance costs and increase productivity by taking steps to improve their employee's eating habits.  Our service provides a straightforward way to make it happen.

  • Health & Country Clubs
    Gaining and retaining members in a competitive market requires that you deliver the highest level and quality of service.  Our world-class nutrition based online meal planning system takes your facility to the next level.

  • Resellers
    Public awareness and demand for better nutrition is at an all-time high.  The "Eat-Better" market is enormous, with consumers spending billions on plans to help them succeed.  Our reseller program lets you create your own business model, by allowing you to "private label" our service, and sell to your own market.

  • Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Physicians
    There is currently a clear need to extend services to patients and clientele to include a more comprehensive wellness-based approach.  Our system is the clear choice because of the focus on nutrition instead of diet alone.  Nutritional recommendations are based on the findings of the Institute of Medicine, not the latest fad.

Patent Pending for Interactive Report Card / Food Suggestion System
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