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Corporate Wellness

You Are What Your Employees Eat...
What are you doing to help them eat better?

When you take into account reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and increased healthcare costs due to preventable illness, the cost per year of poor employee nutrition averages out to about $1,474 per employee.

The foods that your employees eat act as the fuel that powers your company.  Poor eating habits will severely affect your bottom line.  For example, the above referenced study by the NC Institute for Public Health determined that poor employee nutrition was costing businesses in North Carolina a total of about 4.9 billion dollars each year. [1]

We Provide an Effective Solution.
      Complete Balanced Nutrition for Better Health.

Better eating habits for your employees...
A great concept, but what action should you take?

Here's Why We're the Best Choice for Your Corporate Wellness Program
The difference in our services lies in our overall focus.

Unfortunately, most programs focus primarily on weight loss, not the health and productivity of your employees.  Many fad diets use methods that completely ignore basic health and nutrition principles.  These shortcomings can result in loss of productivity or worse.

Our approach focuses on the total health and wellbeing of your employees.  Far beyond just weight loss, we base our entire program on sound nutritional standards developed by thousands of the world's top researchers.  These standards are compiled and published by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science.  These standards clearly define levels of nutrients that should be consumed for a range of individuals at various stages of life.  Our system works with your employees to help them design meal plans that match these standards using foods that they like to eat.

Here's How It Works
Your employees enter the foods that they eat into our online system.  Our system then points out problems in their diet, and teaches them how to improve by removing, or adding foods.  For example, if they are eating too much cholesterol, or saturated fat, it will show them which foods are causing the problems so that they can remove them from their diet.  If they are missing certain vitamins or minerals, it will help them balance their meal plans by suggesting foods to add to their diet.  Our system works with them from day to day, actively helping them to plan and track their nutrition so that they can feel, look, and perform better.

Delivering Results
Our system is significantly better than other programs for several reasons.  Research has shown that individuals that actively journal and plan their meals achieve better results than those that simply follow a published plan.  Our patent pending system helps your employees to build balanced meal plans using foods that they like to eat.  Another reason that many nutrition programs fail is that they force your employees to radically change their eating habits.  Our system works like their own private nutritionist, actively planning balanced meals using foods that they like to eat.

Patent Pending for Interactive Report Card / Food Suggestion System
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